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The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.

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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 Copyright © 2011 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics.



We live at the peak of the Æon of Cetus. At this time, humankind enjoys the unique opportunity to get acquainted with zodiacs and horoscopes. Dishonest people of all nations have cheated upon humanity with false horoscopes, both national and personal. Our age marks an end to all fraud – nobody has ever seen a horoscope, since there were no astrologers at all. The few initiates were safely aloof from both profane horoscopes and profanation through popular zodiacs. Apart from e.g. Mongol and Chinese masters, Egyptian royal synastry 38000 BC may serve as exemplar of excellent yet modest craftsmanship. In reintroducing the Original Zodiac, Hayagriva was completely aware of its implications. The Eternal Zodiac has the power of exorcising the planetary Devil.


The purpose of the brief is to inform whoever has ears, even third ear - the 144000, as concern the Age of Pegasus.

a)      As the new skies barely make their appearance, we don’t as yet really know what new heavens are about. Traces of what we do know are to be found within the large body of Dark Flux – Axis of Evil material. The deadline for said purchase is October 15th 2011. This deadline is final as concern multimedia files. The publications will most certainly never be republished. At best, with a great deal of luck – they will be available on special request from RTRRT Masters and initiates.

b)     The four hoofs of the Apocalypse are not at all associated with “Cinderella” 2002 TX300 at all – e.g. Salacia being normally included in the portents.

c)     The four hoofs of the Apocalypse do not mark any age at all. The Age of Pegasus is not at all associated with any star at all, not even the most insignificant Pegasi *.

d)     The Age of Pegasus that we usually refer to is known as Age of Pegasus II. We also like to elaborate upon Age of Pegasus I & III.

e)     It can be said on the popular level that while the Age of Pegasus I is generally associated with centaurs, the third Age of Pegasus is otherwise populated.

f)      The new Salacia materials slightly refresh what we already know of the popular Pegasus omens as pertaining to our times.

g)     The Age of Pegasus is copyrighted within the Academic Zodiac body of publications. No other Age of Pegasus exists neither as theory not ritual.

h)     The rationale, places and gigabytes of astral maps for said Ages was published under Age of Pegasus or the Zodiacal Offset in the Age of Pegasus and the alike as readily retrievable from the site.

i)       Whenever Hydra, Cetus or Pegasus are eat stake, be ready to be flooded with gigabytes if not terabytes of information in the form of dedicated publications.  

j)       A recent publication was dedicated to the average of Pisces II. We call Aquarius (as due in 700 years circa) and Pisces “averages” for their dull unremarkable character.



22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus

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Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


 2012-Nov-23 00:00  m   Lib

 2012-Nov-26 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Nov-29 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Dec-02 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


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The cetacean[i] years 2011 & 2012 do mark interesting times, indeed. At present, the zodiac is partly vanishing from the web due to a timed deadline. Thousands of publications will expire by mid October 2011, never to be republished again. Make your download till October 14th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall into wrong hands, do you now?


[i] 2011- Jupiter and most planets in Cetus. 2012 - Uranus in Cetus. We live in the Æon of Cetus; Age of Pegasus.