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Saturday night i found myself in Brooklyn again. On Black Beauty's to keep me awake for the ride home. I talked for Ed Wilcox for a while when i got there while drinking my one and only 4$ bottle of Budwiser for the night. He told me the same story about him meeting Elyse and realizing they have the same voice, again. The thing that made it funny or rather not so bothersome was the fact that when he told me the story again, he told it word for word the way he did last time. It was kinda eerie. So some band played and i didnt pay much attention, i spent my time talking outside to the Providence/Fort Thunder Kids and Russ Waterhouse of White Tapes. Russ is a hell of a guy and i totally am into the stuff that i have heard that he had done, and released. It all goes back to that rant about tape labels ive been meaning to post (soon i promise). Temple OF Bon Matin played next, hot shit. Ed wants me to come jam with them sometime, i gave him my phone number for the fourth time. Mindflayer took the stage next. It's Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt) and Matt Brinkman (Mr. Brinkman, ForceField, Dance Asshole, etc). A lot of people seemed to be there to see them, i figured it was the Lightning Bolt factor as well as the fact that it was New York, people show up for everything there. Anyhow, they played and were very good, but i do agree with what Matt said afterward, he needed to be louder. Their set ended with Brian playing alone, a drum solo of sorts, and do vocals through his token (is it token if he uses it in two bands?) distorted microphone. i think he should release a solo album of him doing that, maybe he will let me release a cassette or cdr from the audio on the video i took. Hmmmm. 25 Suaves, wow, this was the first time i ever saw them play, i have no idea why they aren't huge. They were really tight, crazy, in yr face, punk rock played with a calculator, if u catch what i mean. Pete, pete, why are u moving?? Anyhow, they tore it up and their ended bleeding into Pete's other band's set, Dance Asshole, which is him, Matt Brinkman, and Neil Burke, and also the main reason i came to the show. We (both the Lotus and Newton) played with them in Providence last month and i was blown away, and am now releasing their cd. Neil didn't come down to play for some reason or another but they played on anyhow. The crowd mostly left after Mindflayer played so there was even less audience participation, but that didn't stop the asshole or the beats. Strobe lights were turned on, and dancing was done. Followed by a long ride home (due to the fact that i could cut through Manhattan) and four hours of sleep before 8 hours of work.


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