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After setting up the first two picture pages, I decided to add a few more. This page has some more pictures of Providence, some in downtown, some on the East Side. I've also added some pictures taken at PrintSource, the place that pays me to sit in front of a computer all day. Now you can see not just my workplace, but some pix of my asociates.

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As I mentioned on the Providence Tour page, if you have a picture of your home town or city you would like to share, send it in for a special Family and Friends page. Check the bottom of this page for details. I know some of you out there are using the World Wide Web from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and all over Europe, I especially look forward to pictures or your neighborhood and town. Also, if you have vacation shots of you in exotic locations, send those too!

Waterplace Park with Bridge Waterplace Park Bridge
Here's another picture from downtown's Waterplace Park. I love the walking bridge that goes over the water. A lot of nice detail work was done here, overall, very well thought out for design. In the background is the Citizen's Bank building, a relatively recent addition to the Providence skyline.
Thayer Street Thayer Street
The next few pictures are from the East Side of Providence. Everyone who either lives in or visits Providence should find time to hang around Thayer Street and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and coffee shops. On the left, across the street is College Hill Bookstore, dedicated to the fine art of browsing.
Thayer and Angell Thayer and Angell
The corner of Thayer and Angell Streets. Here's Paragon Restaurant which used to be the home of Spat's, a popular restaurant and pub for decades of college students and residents.
Starbucks Starbucks
Need coffee? Ocean Coffee Roasters run out of room? Here's another good spot... maybe you've heard of it. ^_^ By the way, that's the Brown Univeristy Library in the background to the left.
Brown Bookstore Brown Bookstore
Another great bookstore! What's particularly nice about this one is the chairs provided for folks to sit down and read a bit before buying. Great selection for non-fiction as well as fiction.
Brown University Campus Brown University Campus
No visit to the East Side would be complete without dropping by the Brown University campus. There are several nice spots, this one is a favorite for sitting and reading.
Chris Pierson Chris Pierson
This is my office partner, Chris. An excellent graphic designer, artist, actor, film photographer, and Chinese action movie afficionado. This shot was taken in our old office in Cranston while we were packing up.
By the way, Chris also has his own web page, check it out at Storyline Graphics.
Chris again Chris again
Another shot of Chris. This time he's standing in our new office. Speaking of offices... here are some pix of our office.
My office My office
A picture of my office. My desk is one the left, Chris's is on the right. We're using Power Macs, the best thing for graphic design and typesetting. Between our computers is a Unity laser printer, there's another laser printer to the right of Chris's set up. Next to my desk is a scanner and an additional Macintosh used for file transfers.
My desk My desk
Here's a closer shot of my desk. All set up to start a new day. Fresh coffee and cold soda get me started. After I check the e-mail and change my background screen, my workday begins.
Henry Higgins Henry and the Image Setter
Part of the work day means outputting film and digital plate material. For that I use this PantherPlus VR Imagesetter with on-line plate processor. The film processor is in the darkroom in another room.
Standing here is Henry "Hank" Higgins. He's our proofreader, organizer, and all-round buffer from the demands of managers and salesmen. Henry used to own his own printing business and is now enjoying retirement. For him, working part-time helping us out is part of the fun of retirement.
Since Henry has joined our office, our work has seen better quality, higher turnaround, and more professionalism.
PrintSource PrintSource
And this is where I drag myself to every morning. It's not so bad. I've had worse jobs (I've had better!). I will hand it to PrintSource however, it's a growing company that has been very successful in its development. The work we output is amazing. And it's something we can take pride in.
But before going here... I have to drop by the place in this next photo...
Coney Island System Coney Island System
While the real Coney Island may be in New York, this Coney Island System is a great little diner which serves a good, cheap breakfast and drinkable coffee. Coming here as become part of my daily routine. Eggs, fried potatoes, toast and coffee.
Later in the day I might show up for weiners and fries, or maybe the cheesburger plate.

Well, those are the pictures for now. Look for more in the future.

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