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Providence at first sight is a small city. But after time both residents and visitors realize that Providence, much like the rest of Rhode Island, is a very varied place. One of the oldest cities in the US, Providence has welcomed refugees from all over the world and has become a city proud of its diversity and opportunity. In the past few years, much growth has been seen in our city, especially in the Arts. Museums, performance spaces, theaters and more spring up constantly.

The pictures I'm showing here show just a small part of the city. The photos may take a little time to load, so please be patient. In the future I will add to these, especially as your comments and suggestion come in.

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City Hall Providence City Hall
Any visit to Providence means seeing City Hall. Right in the middle of downtown, this building faces Kennedy Plaza. Nearby a new ice skating rink is being built. Behind the building is the cities commercial district as well as the theaters, galleries, and other art centers. (Note: this photo was taken early one morning while waiting for my morning bus. I'm standing at the far end of Kennedy Plaza.)
Downtown Buildings Downtown Buildings
I like this shot quite a bit. It's taken from Kennedy Plaza and shows a good example of downtown Providence architecture. Providence may not have as many tall buildings as other cities, but we have nice looking buildings. Next time you're in downtown Providence, remember to look up. Many of these structures have interesting little details added here and there. Well worth the look.
Biltmore Hotel in the sun Biltmore Hotel in the sun
To be honest, I don't remember who owns the Biltmore now, so I just call it the Providence Biltmore. This is another early morning shot (I had my camera with me during my morning commute). You can see some of the buses at Kennedy Plaza as well as the sun coating the face of the Biltmore with it's early morning light. I guess the folks in those rooms don't need much of a wake-up service.
Band Announcements in a window Band Announcements
I thought this was an interesting image. This window isn't really all that visible. It faces the inside of an alley, but it's full of these announcements for hometown local bands. Looks like the music scene in Providence is not only alive and well, but also lurking in the corners.
Providence from the East Side Providence from the East Side
This photo was taken standing next to the statue of Roger Williams on the East Side. The statue isn't easy to photograph, but the city is. By the way, I have a larger photo available, I have to find it first. ^_^
Statue at RISD Statue at RISD
I don't know anything about this statue that appears at the base of the Rhode Island School of Design campus, but it's an interesting example of public art in the city. Usually this small patch of grass is littered with students sunning themselves, reading, sketching and so on. A lot of these pictues were taken early on a Sunday before a lot of people went out.
Statue at Brown University Statue at Brown University
This is another example of public art associated with a place of learning. Brown University is one of the oldest institutes of higher education in the country. I've always liked this particular piece and would often sit for hours reading on the benches near it. Unfortunately there has been construction going on nearby, so it's been less pleasant, the artwork remains however. ^_^
Ocean Coffee Roasters Ocean Coffee Roasters
Need coffee while in Providence? Sure, we have Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, but my choice is usually Ocean Coffee Roasters (especially after Downeast Coffee closed). Also located on the East Side near the RISD and Brown campus, this place is popular with students as well as residents. Note: this picture was taken with permisson of the manager at the time and is not an official photo.
New Train Station New Train Station
After the old train station burned down (see one of the later pictures), Providence built this one. A nice building with a modern appeal that actually is pleasing. This was the beginning of Providence's facelift, and today greets every new visitor to Providence.
Water Place Park Water Place Park
Water Place Park was given to the city of Providence as well as the State of Rhode Island for people to enjoy pleasant walks, canoeing, kayaking, strolls, or just plain sitting and enjoying the quiet sunshine and water. It's not always quiet. ^_^ Water Place Park also hosts free concerts and and the Waterfire exhibition. In the background is the Rhode Island State House, atop of which stands the Independance Man.
Water Place Park 2 Water Place Park 2
Isn't that a nice fountain? This photo was taken from the giant steps along the park that also make up the seating for the concert events. Beyond the park you can see the old train station that burned down around 10 years ago. It has since become office buildings after a planned rebuilding, the red brick adding a touch of class to the downtown layout.

Well, those are the pictures for now. Look for more in the future.

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