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Here are some select photos from my albums. Please be patient in letting the photos load, it shouldn't take too long. I think I have a good mix of types of photos below, but there are many other photos I want to include in the future. This page is mostly a test, so check back every now and then to see if any photos have been changed or added.
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Me, my brothers, and the Easter Bunny Me, my brothers, and the Easter Bunny
I'm not sure of the year for this, I'd have to guess around 1976. My youngest brother, Andy (far right), was born May 7, 1970 so if he looks 6 years old, then this was taken in 1976. For those unfamiliar with the character my brothers and I are with, the Easter Bunny is a traditional icon for Easter, similar to Santa Claus for Christmas. He comes to children the night before Easter Sunday and leaves behind baskets of candy and eggs.
Andy Teehan in red Andy in Red
The first picture in a series of three. For some reason our parents bought us matching Star Trek shirts (different colors of course). Andy is wearing the Engineering shirt. Cute huh. My brothers will not be happy to learn I've posted these. ^_^;
Tim Teehan in beige? Tim in beige?
The second picture, and the second shirt. I could never figure out if this color was supposed to be beige, or some other color. Tim is already showing signs of looking like famed Monkee... Mickey Dolenz. ^_^
And me in the blue... And me in the blue...
I guess it wouldn't be fair if I left out my own picture. Yeesh! I'm of course wearing the Star Trek blue which suited me just fine back then. Spock was my favorite character and the science blue shirt was a favorite of mine. A true geek in the making. ^_^
All grown up All grown up...
After showing that last photo, I should probably show a picture of me now. Big difference, huh? The blue shirt is long since gone, but there's a computer. Hmmnnn... who would have guessed? ^_- But what happened to that sweet little naive face? Maybe it's under the beard some place.
Mom, Tim and me Mom, Tim and me
That's me on the left, my brother Tim on the right, and my mother in the middle. How did this tiny woman produce kids our size? My mother passed away a few years ago, but she is of course never forgotten.
Dad and the boys Dad and the boys
And of course my father (second from the right) and his three sons (cue TV music). This picture was taken on Fathers Day a couple of years ago. A fine man and a good father. I'll see if I can't find a better photo to post for my next update.
Jumping John Jumping John
Pity the poor sucker who was snapping this picture as I made my lunge. ^_^ Actually, this picture was taken in the Writing Center at Rhode Island College. The best job I've ever had. Here are a few more photos from different years there.
Relaxing Relaxing
Speaking of the Writing Center, this picture was from a reunion picnic in 1989.
Another Writing Center shot RIC Writing Center Group
Here is a photo of the Rhode Island College Writing Center staff. One of many groups that have passed through that office, it's been an honor and a pleasure to have worked with them. By the way, handsome man with the bluejeans on the right, obscured by the tree is yours truly.
Me and the molls Me and the Molls
A number of years ago I went to Syracuse with my friend Colleen (left) and her friend Fish (right) for a benefit casino night for Lupus research. We fo course dressed for the part. ^_^
My home Is a very very very fine house
Welcome to Douglas Avenue! Fairly good apartment. Front yard, back yard, and the tallest tree in the neighborhood. If you're driving by, honk, but please, no more bullets. ^_^
Here comes the bus! Here comes the bus!
Here's another picture from the daily routine. Sorry about the poor lighting, it's early in the morning as the RIPTA bus comes down the road to take me to work.
Judith and the Living Room Judith and the Living Room
While I'm posting pictures of friends, here's a photo of my friend Judi standing in my living room. Behind her is my Mac LCII which is being used to create this page. On the wall is a painting my brother created the day the US bombed Libya and the stock market crashed.

Well, those are the pictures for now. Look for more in the future.

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